Retirement Planning/QROPS

Your retirement plan does not have to be just a pension, we
offer a selection of plans allowing regular and one-time
investment and with flexible maturity dates to provide you with
the financial means to enjoy a comfortable standard of living in
retirement. And we don't just forget your investments either,
our regular reviews will monitor your progress towards your
financial targets.

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Inheritance Tax

At home or abroad your plans to pass any assets to future generations
will depend upon

The levy of tax on capital at the time of death is common place in many
countries. Residency in one territory does not preclude other countries
demanding their share of your total assets from your estate.

We can recommend a variety of strategies including "Assurance Vie"
that will enable you to plan how a surviving partner can be financially
secure for the remainder of their life, as well as maximising the tax
efficiency of any gifts you may wish to pass to your heirs.
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