Life Assurance

Protecting your family’s financial security is vital, regardless of where you live. As an
expatriate you may need to build some additional flexibility into your plans.

No-one wants to contemplate death or incapacity but making sure the people you
care about are financially secure is a responsibility that must be taken seriously.

With the minimum of fuss we can help you to provide security in the event of tragedy.

Whether you wish to insure a single life or joint policy, we can help you to find the
right product to provide a lump sum payment that will meet your family’s needs.

Life assurance is also a tool that may be used in inheritance planning.
Health Insurance

Whether you are in your home country or living and working abroad, it is
important to make sure you look after your health.

The provision of a healthcare service that can fit into a busy business
schedule or simply at a time to suit you is important. We can offer a variety of
plans that either complement local arrangements or provide full cover for
medical facilities in the country of your choice.

With the minimum of fuss we can arrange cover that allows you to relax in the
knowledge that healthcare is no longer a concern.

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