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November 28, 2007

Important Healthcare Update...

There are strong reports that the French Health ministry has decided (with a bit of pressure from the British Embassy) that inactive (not working or retired on E121s) expats that were already in the French healthcare system as of September 30, 2007 will be allowed to remain within it.

The reports are also suggesting that anyone with a pre-existing medical condition who is going to be losing there right to state healthcare in March may have the possibility of lodging an appeal to there local CPAM. As we understand it this process could also apply if a condition is developed later, and will also apply to those who are looking to permanently move to France in the future.

According to reports the Health ministry has sent memo to all local CPAM offices on the 23/11/07 but reports are yet to be confirmed officially on either the British Embassy website or the French Social Security website.But we have asked for comments on this in writing from both and will update this article once this has been confirmed.


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November 08, 2007

Confirmation of 5 year rule regarding healthcare for expats...

A Social Security spokesperson has confirmed (via an article in The Connexion) the healthcare details for inactive expats who have been living in France permenantly for over 5 years...


A statement was also due to be released confirming what the situation is going to be for those with an existing critical illness but this has been delayed.   

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