Swiss Frontaliers

We specialise in advising expatriate who are working in Switzerland
but living in France with advice in key areas like investments,
retirement planning, healthcare and property purchases. As well as
being able to assist you in moving existing pensions offshore using
QROPS or into your Swiss pension, we are also able to help you with
new pension arrangements in Switzerland that can reduce your Swiss
income Tax liability.

There are three levels of pension contributions (Pillars) in Switzerland,
Pillars 1 and 2 are both compulsory with the first Pillar being the state
pension scheme and the second Pillar is your employers. However
the third Pillar (Pillar 3a) which is private and not compulsory has to
be established independently, there is a wide variety of investment
options from straight forward fixed interest accounts to equity based
portfolios. The main advantages are the following:

- Contributions to the 3rd Pillar up to the annual limit can be deducted
from your taxable income. For 2012 this is 6,682 CHF.

- You do not pay any wealth tax on your retirement savings.

- The interest and investment income is tax-free for the term of the
savings plan.

- When you take capital from the fund the amount is taxed separately
from other income and at a lower rate.

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Swiss Mortgages

If you are looking to purchase a property in Switzerland or France
we can help you find the right CHF mortgage. Swiss mortgage
rates are much lower than most other European countries, and
being able to have a mortgage in the same currency as your salary
is a big advantage if you are living in France.

Most lenders will look for a deposit of at least 20% however if you
have a Pillar 3a most bank will allow you to use this as security.

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